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The movie explores the depth of life as it accumulates different facets over time. It does so by following Rome based painter Alberto Parres, during his work with his next painting.

While traveling to diverse sceneries in nature to perfect the energy of a certain color he shares his development as a man and the importance of water in life and art. Ultimately showing, that his painting, as well as he are the sum of all that has been so far.

In August 2013, Maria Eilersen and Sara Jegeman went a week to film the artist Alberto Parres where he lives with his family in the beautiful countryside outside of Rome, Italy.

Year: 2014
Time: 14:08

Starring: Alberto Parres

Produced & directed by: Sara Jegeman
Co-directed by: Maria Eilersen
Cinematography by: Sara Jegeman & Maria Eilersen
Editing by: Maria Eilersen & Sara Jegeman
Sound by: Maria Eilersen
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