In Color

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In Color

This is a beautifully told story about a 98 year old artist, living and creating in the truest spirit of New York City. Swedish born Siri Berg is a master at work in her SOHO studio where Josef Albers is the house God.

Being one of the world's foremost abstractionists, Siri invites us in to learn about colors and gradations. How art creates art and transforms in the hands of others.

We get to meet the artist, the gallerist, the curators, the collector and the apprentice.

Filmed, edited and directed
by: Sara Jegeman

Year: 2019
Time: 45 min
Language: English
Sound by: LjudBang

Directors statement:"Every color matters."

In COLOR is being showed in the SVT 2, Swedish State Television
From Nov 15, until May 19, 2021

EXHIBITION, Siri Berg "Statements" House of Sweden, Washington DC
Mars 9, until May 12, 2019
A retrospective by one of the world’s foremost abstractionists. Curated by Peter Hionas. Featured in the exhibit is the documentary of Siri Berg ‘In Color’ by Sara Jegeman.

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